Online Advertising

In addition to the huge audience of excellent prospective clients, the Internet offers both convenience and cost effectiveness that traditional media cannot. Web sites are more engaging and informative than even the best brochures. Emails make it easier and cheaper to keep in touch with existing clients. You do not need to have a four or five-figure marketing budget to create a professional online presence.

You know that marketing on the Internet is the way of the future but you don’t know how to implement it.  Maybe you have a website already; maybe you are only starting to understand that without Internet marketing your business could fail.  If you don’t get traffic to your website then you soon won’t get traffic to your business.  More and more people are using Google to search for businesses now instead of using the yellow pages; if you don’t have a presence online then your competitors will get your customers.

Don’t let your competitors get the jump on you with online traffic.  Maybe you have been putting it off thinking that one day you would get a website up, and one day you would start promoting it.  The fact is that if you don’t start using these tools now and it will be too late.  You will have missed the bandwagon and be left in the dust by your competitors desperately trying to catch up.

If you already have a website then are you getting traffic, if your site is not being seen it is just a pretty picture, like having a wonderful advertisement locked away in a drawer in you desk.  And what do people think if they can find it. Does it grab their attention, does it make them want to stay and buy from you.  Or are they leaving in droves because they don’t find your site catchy or appealing.

You know you need traffic to your site and you know you need a good site, but there is so much contradictory information out there you don’t know where to start.  We have been researching the best ways to promote products online for the last 10 years, going through a lot of trial and error to perfect our tactics.  Even now we are constantly studying the latest strategies and techniques to improve our skills.

With our Internet marketing services you can have a powerful tool towards marketing on the Internet that will put you miles ahead of your competition.  Start now so that when others are only just starting to realise they have been left behind you will already be miles ahead with an established presence online that can’t be challenged.

SEO Marketing

With Search Engine Optimisation you can have targeted traffic finding your website easily and the more traffic you have to your website the more likely you are to make sales.  If you website is not optimised to be found in the search engines you will be losing all those potential clients to your competitors.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

This involves analysing your website and sales pages to optimise the conversion of traffic to sales.  This is extremely important as even with a steady stream of traffic if when potential clients come to your site their attention is not immediately grabbed and held then they will bounce back out and you will have missed a possible sale.

Social Media Services

There are more than 800 million active users on Facebook, Twitter has more than 100 million monthly global active users, and even Google has formed their own social media pages, all this makes social media a very powerful tool for contacting potential clients and one that can’t be ignored.