If you could add at least 1 more SOLD sign per month what difference would that make to your income in the next year. And as you get more of these in your area, it has a cumulative effect on your exposure, so 1 more can grow to 2 more until your market saturation in your area tips over at 50% which is where you really start to dominate.

The Internet has made this task a little more difficult in real estate business. Previously, traditional real estate customers may have taken approximately 1.6 weeks to search for a property before contacting a real estate agent and then a further 7 weeks working with the agent before finding their property. However, online consumers are now taking an average of 4.8 weeks conducting their research before making contact with a real estate agent, and then only 1.9 weeks before buying. A traditional buyer would inspect an average of 15.4 properties before making the final purchase, but an online consumer will visit just 6.1 properties. Use of the Internet by real estate agents and customers has led to significant improvements in business performance for those willing to embrace its use.

Since there is an ever growing number of Buyers and Sellers using online services, it is strongly recommended that if you plan on being in real estate sales long term, decide to own and operate a real estate agent web site. The sooner, the better, to grab your piece of your local market.